Get the happy balance you deserve….

Hi, it’s Kimberley here, …. I am a Mind,Body Nutrition and Eating Behaviours Coach, with a strong focus on creating positive change.

In a world where our hectic fast paced lifestyle has us implementing poor health habits and eating practices, resulting in body image disease taking over at a rapid rate – I am devoted to fix the chain in wellness for the generations that follow.

Professionally certified and trained by the Institute for The Psychology of Eating, and the Australian Centre For Eating Disorders, I coach people into a better relationship with food, mind and body.

An Eating Behaviours coach address the many food challenges, unwanted habits and health symptoms that are escalating amongst society today, and adding to our major health statics. When we are faced with lifestyle challenges and health issues our eating practices seem to be the first thing to go down hill,  quickly resulting in distress and further declining our health.

My services can help clients get on top of their lifestyle challenges and back into a better mindset and routine.

I can facilitate two  scientifically proven programs in Eating Disorder and Obesity prevention to youths – ACFED Body Project and ACFED Project Health.

Help parents step into good behaviours in food mind and body and recognise issues in children with my C.O.P.E program ( Children Observing Parents Everyday)

I address

  • Emotional Eating
  • Slow Eating Practices
  • Over Eating
  • Appetite Regulation
  • Binging
  • Cephalic Phase Digestion and Eating Awareness
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Digestion
  • Macronutrient Balance and Food Quality
  • IBS and Fears Around Food Sensitivities
  • Body image
  • Fatigue and Depression
  • Mood and Immunity
  • Gut/Brain health (especially for Children ASD, ADHD)

These services can be used along side other Health professional advice or as a primary alternative method of health support around a persons individual relationship with food and both physical and mental wellbeing.

I absolutely love this amazing body of work and I am very passionate to enrich the lives of others with this unique approach to healing based around the latest facts and findings to the gut/brain connection.

I also have a great understanding of Food intolerance issues and the social challenges they create. I have personal experience with IBS, Gluten sensitivity, depression/anxiety and the Low FODMAP diet, and believe that Mind,Body Nutrition coaching is the missing ingredient to an effective management plan along side other specialist dietary advice.

So if you are a health practitioner, teacher, parent or youth advisor,  and your clients/students/children are in need of extra support around the issues of Eating behaviour and mindset, my services can help guide them to a better level of understanding, healing and self care.

Or perhaps, you are a client that has tried every other method with no effective outcome or relief, to physical pain, emotional distress, unwanted habit or challenge with food, mind and body. These are often a result of our daily life challenges, past experiences and life events, a fast paced lifestyle and our lack of understanding of ‘how’ to manage, cope, process, and overcome these issues to get back in control.

Empower yourself, clients and children today with the latest strategies to health, by a healing on the inside that shows on the outside.. .The inclusion of an Eating Behaviours Coach is the positive and logical path to better health management and body awareness.

I would love to be of service to you or your clients.


Mind,Body Nutrition & Eating Behaviours Coach