About Happy Balance

HappyBalance – intolerance insight is about creating awareness of the need for personal changes within self, and to invite the social changes for today’s evolved world. With the rapid rise of Food intolerances, mood and Depression issues, and a first world Obesity crisis, our stressful fast paced daily lives have impinged on our digestion and left our bodies to suffer.

Happy Balance – intolerance insight aims to educate and provide the solutions to get our mind and bodies back to a more nourished, self loved state, in hope of achieving a ‘Happy Balance’ for the whole family.

So, the objective here is about moving with the times, realising what is happening amongst our society, and meeting these strong health needs with the appropriate lifestyle changes, within ourselves and our communities to create a happier existence.

About Kimberley

Growing up with two other siblings, I was always the one that seemed to get sick. If there was a virus or a bug to contract I was sure to get it, and by the time I had reached my late teens, I found myself reacting very badly to antibiotics. Penicillin was a ‘no-go’.

Into my 20s, IBS was a constant annoyance and it was not long after a case of Appendicitis, that I was struck down with Anxiety/ Panic disorder, and totally lost my way. Hormonal and reproductive issues often accompanied the painful discomfort of the many digestive complaints, and I endured many surgeries to clean up the destruction of Endometriosis.

But every time I fought my way back, and after I was married took on a journey through IVF to have my first child.

Sadly, it was the passing of my mother that completely turned my world upside down, and from there my digestive hell begun. Everything I seemed to eat was making me so violently ill. I had no idea what was going on, but all of a sudden, food was the enemy! …

After much investigation I finally learned about FODMAPs, and worked hard to change my diet. ‘It was without doubt my saving grace’ . So much so, that I found myself naturally to have conceived a second child. My insides just seemed to work. This was my journey that I believe I was meant to have.

After many years, with friends and family members all around me being confronted with the same dietary issues, becoming a single parent and raising two kids with developmental learning conditions (Autistic Spectrum Disorder & ADHD -issues of gut brain health), I could see how badly good gut health needed to happen.

But more importantly, how social awareness, ‘understanding’ and ‘education’ was key, in order to promote the right conditions for the body to heal, and enable us to individually nourish ourselves effectively for our own bodies needs. From my own experience and learning as Eating Behaviours Coach, I am now extremely passionate about helping you…. It is my destiny.


Mind,Body,Nutrition & Eating Behaviours Coach

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