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Food Manufacturing for Today’s Market

Throughout time, there has been many different things to account for when producing a food product that will adequate to a customers needs. Low fat, Low sugar, Allergy and  Gluten free are just some of the many examples that most food manufactures and public eateries, commonly consider these days, when preparing a new food product or menu.

While these have certainly been necessary and effective measures that have added much convenience and variety to our food products, todays dietary needs have taken yet another turn. With the rapid increase in food intolerances and IBS, science and research has now been able to pin point the offending molecules that can be responsible for the profound
affects on our food digestion.

This incredible, and very helpful medical breakthrough has been able to aid relief and provide sufferers with informed guidance to better manage their diets. This means avoiding or limiting the offending food or ingredients that are spread across a vast category of everyday food items. However, with much change still to be seen in our retail food market and dining venues, many customers with these health issues are finding it extremely challenging to source products or menu options that meet their needs.These days, the use of fruit juice concentrate or added inulin, normally considered healthy options, are just a small example of why a food product may get put straight back on a supermarket shelf. And although a Gluten or diary free option is a great starting point for those with an IBS issues, trying to avoid potent offenders like Onion and Garlic has customers fearful of eating out.

Many dietary sufferers will just not take the risk.

These are just some of the reasons why you may possibly fail to hit the widest target market for today.

Just knowing that IBS is the second largest cause of employment sick leave, gives you a pretty good idea of just how many sufferers there are and why it would be worthwhile to learn more and make some changes.

Don’t miss the mark. With the right educational tips tools and advice, I can empower you with the knowledge of the best alternative ingredients and convenient food products to meet today’s consumer demands… Give your product or food business the best advantage to meet its fullest marketing potential and reach the customer of today.

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