The Food,Mind,Body War- Fed by A Fast Paced Lifestyle :Why We Must Strive To Change.

   Today, our fast paced lifestyle has uncovered that the majority of us really have not been taught to ‘cope’ in matters of health and wellness, -which greatly affects our wellbeing and mental health. In many ways our current way of living pushes us even more so into bad health habits, that continue to make us sicker and drives us towards body dissatisfaction.

Our hectic pace increases our need for convenience, that leads to poor food choice and then to negative body image, to repeat cycles of yo-yo dieting, and emotional eating – which leads to weight gain, depression and to the rapid increase we are seeing in physical disease. Not to mention our impaired ability to be human, nurture relationships, to have time ‘for,’and relate ‘to’, others.
It’s really not ideal to be living this way as an adult……BUT, what is it like to grow up in this environment?
In a million ways we are passing on these bad habits to our children who copy us everyday,-ingraining poor health and lifestyle habits to a generation of children, with increased Gut/Brain health impairments (lowered immunity, different gut bacterial diversity and a rise in Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

Along side a social media age that saturates our children in messages that body perfection is crucial for love and acceptance, increasing both self judgement and bullying,- and we certainly have created a potent recipe for the disastrous outcomes we are seeing today…including an Eating Disorder crisis that has 1 million people with an eating disorder in Australia!!
As well as a rise in Obesity and disease, Mental health issues, Youth Crime, bullying and disrespect for others, Drugs and Narcissism, Domestic Violence, and it is no wonder that the rate of teen suicide is at a ‘National State Of Emergency!!’

Assuring good public health, means looking after the collective community- laying down laws and guidelines to outside forces to assure people remain unharmed by their environment. Right?
Well, its high time we realised that magazines, social media, poor marketing and a lack of food labelling are all another large part of the issue, – and creating a severely sick and damaged society suffering the disease of Body Image. A type of debilitating mental health condition that in some way consumes us all. Dieting and hating our body shape is fairly common practise for just about every woman, but today negative Body image is effecting children as young as 6. Whats more, many of our kids today fall under the category of being on the Autistic Spectrum, or are struggling with ADHD. That means, not being able to cope, finding it hard to fit in, and not understanding social cues and their environments, let alone their little bodies and their emotions. Which is enough to explain why our fast spreading body image disease is double trouble for these kids. Anorexia is being labelled ‘ Female Autism ‘ and with the compulsive behaviour that often accompanies ADHD, we are seeing a link to obesity and binge eating.

We are living in a society where the stigma to ‘be thin’ or look a certain way, is pushed on us from every angle, and to achieve such, means being loved, being accepted, being successful. Perfection is applauded! Just ask the 85% of young women with type 1 Diabetes, currently omitting their insulin in order to lose weight….It’s called Diabulimia, and is the most dangerous kind of Eating Disorder happening at an exceptional rate. These young women, risk going blind, damaging nerve endings and limbs, even death, in order to be thin. Imagine if that was your daughter. Most people have never even heard of this condition, but it is now believed that if a young girl has type 1 diabetes, you can be pretty certain she is often missing or under medicating. You only need to look at the statistics to see its effects, which show…..

Diabetes type 1 is more common in boys then girls, however the hospitalisations for young girls with Diabetes 1 is outstanding.

It’s time we created awareness!!
It’s time we taught kids to cope and discouraged them from ‘the thin ideal’.
It’s time we enforced laws and legislation to marketing, food labelling and false advertising.
It’s time we lead by example and taught kids to C.O.P.E – Children Observing Parents Everyday.
It’s time we all leant how to look after ourselves and each other, got back to nourishing our bodies and took the time for better eating practices……There is so much we can do to fix the chain in wellness for our kids.

Through my book ‘Trapped in Your Body, Waking Up Our World To Wellness’ and my business ‘HappyBalance’ I am very passionate to change that – and help fix the chain for the generations to follow…By creating awareness to adults through my C.O.P.E program (Children Observing Parents Everyday), and providing scientific based Youth programs, in Eating disorder and Obesity prevention, ACFED Body Project and ACFED Project Health to schools and the local community, I hope my impact begins to Wake up our world to wellness and creates the change our kids need for a better future.

Mind,Body,Nutrition & Eating Behaviours Coach.